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Michael Jackson's Thriller is iconic, it is loved the world over, and it is the greatest selling record of all time.

TTW NYC’s mission strives to encourage service-giving through the art of music and dance. We look forward to using these universal commonalities to encourage individuals of all ages to engage in creative service projects. 

Donations will be used to reimburse our volunteer event staff for expenses incurred during our event. Costs include liability insurance, copies, stationary, staff identification, refreshments, website hosting and registration, etc. after expenses a portion is donated to the charity chosen for the fiscal year. If you wish to support our event on a monetary level or know someone who does, please visit our donation link page.

Your involvement and support is just a step into making a difference for thousands of people around the world. Don't believe me? Google Thrill The World and find out for yourself. 

Thank you and ROCK ON!

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